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Sorry it has been a crazy few weeks. Still working on my crafts. Still trying to prefect OSL (Object Source Lighting), I am improving, but not enough for my high standards. Working on Pegasus and Butterflies but very slowly. Kinda slowed up on the crafts due to helping friends move, and cheering up others who have been dealt a bum hand lately.

As for me, I am fine. Pulled a back muscle while doing laundry of all things. Couldn't pull the muscle while I was cleaning the floor, clearing out more junk. No had to be moving the stupid laundry basket that was not even full! Ugh. I feel like such a wuss when that happens. Probably pulled it while doing the other things, just the last moving the basket was the last straw. I pulled the muscle that is just under your shoulder blade, my left shoulder blade. It hurts so much and no meds take that pain away. Been stretching, and stretching, drinking water and giving it some rest. Still annoyed that it got pulled. Good thing the hubby is helping me move things about while I am down an arm.

Seriously happy about the weather change, that means I can paint more. Been staring at my little minis hoping to paint them soon. Since I am down an arm it makes doing anything pretty difficult. Esp stitching. Been working on the Pegasus's face, soon her wings. :squee: I really wanted to work on those wings, I can't wait. Still have to wait until the back stops hurting before I can get more serious stitching done. I still want to put together my resin kits soon, might have to buy myself a dermil to shave down the hard and rough edges. Hubby wont like that but oh well. All for the craft!! Mwhahah! 

Mood: :work:
Playing: Diablo 3 (you quit then it pulls you right back in)
Reading: Book 4 of the Wheel of Time, Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan
Listening to: FMA OST Porno Graffitti Melissa
Working: Pegasus and Butterflies, cleaning up more minis preping them for painting so very soon.


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C. Walker
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United States
I am a Nerd/Geek and a huge gamer. I love most things that are sci-fi, fantasy and fiction. I am pretty old, and married. Slightly on the oddball/crazy side, but I am never boring. I tend to be very much a birdbrain when it comes to crafts and art. Working on one thing, something else will pop into my head forcing me to stop and go do that other thing or I will go insane. I used to make rich and interesting worlds, characters (the good, the bad) for my hubby to use in our D&D campaigns. Though we stopped playing long ago, I have been trying to write a little about the adventures before they completely leave my head, making room for newer things. Still need to edit and work on those. I work pretty hard on concepts but for what ever reason when I work on them the ideas fall apart and are either forgotten or they stumble out as a giant steaming pile and I am at a lost on how to get it right like it was in my head. As hairbrained as I am, I do manage to once in a while pull off some amazing stuff. But you'll have to stick around to see it when it happens.

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